The world’s biggest coffee morning at WhiteSpace Norwich

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Here at WhiteSpace Norwich, we enjoyed a yummy selection of chocolate, carrot and red velvet cake, muffins and crispy fridge cakes all in the name of charity, for Macmillan’s biggest coffee morning on 30th September.

What would be better than an excuse to eat cake at 9 in the morning than for a good cause like Macmillan?!

We raised £140.59 for charity and awarded the prize of Best Baker to Ubisend’s Dean Withey. Who brought in some delicious glittery chocolate cupcakes, we suspect Dean may have had some supervision at home…

And not forgetting the game that created a lot of confusion – guess the spots on the cake! Claire Riseborough from Thyng’s was the winner who guessed closest number of spots. Was the calculation based the whole cake or just the side in the photo – I don’t think we will ever know!

We would like to thank Jarrolds and the security team for supporting our event, and for everyone who came into WhiteSpace to help our co-workers stuff their faces and raise money for an excellent cause.

If you have a great idea for an event to get the Tech Community involved in charity or would like to become a member of WhiteSpace Norwich, do not hesitate to get in touch,