The Office Party: Goodbye 2016!

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We had a fantastic 2016 with our WhiteSpace supporters and with fantastic new talent joining us to kick start the New Year within our community of techies and pool players, we had a reason to celebrate.

To help keep the spirits and prosperity high throughout January, we would like to share some snaps of our festive gathering for those within St James Mill.

On 20th December, our guests faced an evening of games and challenges. Callum Coombes won The Crazy Space Game and a bottle of vodka to share with his team.

Sean Clark was the winner of the Secret Santa prize draw and the lucky owner of brandy winter warmer.

We also had some drinks and food donated by all our brilliant guests – Luminous PR’s chocolate log roll was possibly the most popular of all.

The Jingle Bells Shot Challenge winner was undoubtedly –  Pratik Gurung.

Send us your pics and look out for upcoming socials with WhiteSpace.

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