Private Apple Store visit – technology and doughnuts!

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Following a successful breakfast event alongside SyncNorwich, Apple hosted an evening presentation with coffee and doughnuts to showcase recent devices, and updated services for WhiteSpace Norwich members.

Apple would like to incorporate their Creatives and Experts in the events to discuss technology and how this can be used in business.

James Rotheram, Business Mangaer at Apple Chapelfield said, “Last night went really well, really good audience and some really valuable feedback and questions.”

The focus will be on the benefits of Apple for businesses and then expand further as we develop this relationship going forward.

Neil Garner, Founder of Whitespace Norwich, said, “Great to work with Apple’s Business team and understand how Apple is working hard to help small businesses get the most out of Apple products and also solve business problems using various 3rd party products.”

We will be holding further events in the future to be more specific, based, as you suggest, on feedback as to what may be needed. Get in touch with how you would like to get involved and what workshops would grow your business alongside new technology.