Data Science Norfolk

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WhiteSpace Norwich was lucky to welcome an event for Data Science Norfolk on 22nd February 2017.

The first event held at WhiteSpace, organised by Norwich Business School academics Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis and Mr James Conford and sponsored by the UEA, was an opportunity for Norwich’s data scientists to meet and chat over a few beers and pizza.

The meet up gave a chance for it’s members to find out who is hiring in the field and what issues other data scientists face. There were many PHD students studying the subject, Norfolk County Council, The Open Data Institute and Norwich’s businesses were present, including Brandbank, Naked Wines and Aviva.

Future events will give an opportunity for data superstars to present and showcase a project they are working on. Including topics, such as, exploratory data analysis and answering questions on how to get quality data through collaboration.

How can data science solve your business problems? If you are interested in attending the next meet up, contact us to find out more.