Action Coach: Growing businesses in Norwich

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We recently caught up with CD2, a Norwich based Web Design and Development company specialising in building bespoke websites and web platforms. CD2 has been running for 5 years and recently tripled their turnover working with one of our WhiteSpace members, Roger Pemberton of Action Coach.

To help our mission to open our WhiteSpace Norwich members up to the best tools, events and collaborations to get their businesses growing to their full potential, we like to keep up to date with what our members are up to and how they are creatively growing their business within the tech community of Norwich.

Roger became an associate member of WhiteSpace Norwich June 2016. Roger joined Shane Morgan of CD2 solutions last February, after the business had been running for 3 years.

Shane was passionate about how vital the knowledge he had learnt from Action Coach had more than paid for the charge of Roger’s services. The approach was personal and he “eased into it and worked the way the company was used to and lead you the right way.”

Roger is a certified Business Coach, providing advice, business coaching and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses.

CD2 solutions had a reputation for being a unique company, with a lot of research and development but not doing much for themselves in terms of investment and financial gains.  Everything was built from scratch and they were able to improve and streamline current systems that had been put into question by intuitive coaching.

A lot of work was completed on budgeting, including cash flow, taking on new staff, marketing strategy, new contracts and pushing past the break-even point.

Recruitment, time management, customer service and after care may seem like natural business skills an entrepreneur would have developed, however Shaun focused on how coaching allows you to spend “more time working on the business and less time in it” and for anyone that has a desire to grow, they are guaranteed results.

Going forward from when changes has been made there are also opportunities to develop good connections and share with other businesses being coached, planning and regular email contact. The way the programme is structured is flexible on your requirements, you can choose on when and how often have your sessions, for example 2 or 4 weeks, more when the daily tasks of the business are quieter.

Roger is living in Norwich and working with business owners in Norfolk and Suffolk. ActionCOACH is the world’s leading business coaching franchise with over 1000 business coaches worldwide.

Brad Sugars – the worlds’ leading business coach and founder of Action Coach is speaking in Norwich in November and some members of Whitespace may be interested in attending – tickets cost £20.  Book online and there is a booking code available EARPE020 for them to use.